Check out our new Message Blocks iOS planning app! Plan your first event for free on us.

Posted by Joe McKeown on 4/21/16 7:24 AM

Excitting News!  

We've just launched our new iOS event planning app.  Put all your team tasks, chats, registrations, check-ins, attendee engagement and surveys on one device.  


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April Webinars and Demos on Event Registration and ROI; Digital Marketing and Social Media for Events and Exhibits

Posted by Joe McKeown on 4/13/16 8:16 AM

Check out this month's webinars and demos.  We're planning  great webinars this month. One on Event Registration and attendee engagement to increase your bottom line, and one on Digital marketing and Scocial media for your events, both with free takeaways. Signup for one of our scheduled Demos and we'll give you our free iOS app with team chat, tasking and other free features to help keep you and your event team in sync.  Click here to see the schedule and register today:


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Top 20 "Theater" Terms #eventprofs, conference and exhibit teams should know and understand

Posted by Joe McKeown on 4/11/16 8:42 PM

They say all the world’s a stage. If you run events or exhibits, you know the feeling. How do you put on a “show” that makes attendees feel the investment of time and money is worth it. I suggest thinking about your event as “theater” and to support that here is my list of 20 top “theater” terms every event professional (be they in association meeting planning, corporate planning or exhibit marketing) should be familiar with. You’ll hear many of these thrown around by production crews, entertainment agents etc. While you may not feel your event is “theater” remember we all should be challenged with making each of our events and exhibits an experience, not just a meeting, so it can't hurt to think a little theatrically. While you may not be staging a two-act play or a named entertainment act at every event, you are most likely booking some sort of “production” and  you should be familiar with these terms. You probably already are, but it was a fun list to make and share:


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Single Registration Now Streamlined!

Posted by August Schippert on 4/4/16 4:24 PM



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Event and Exhibit Surveys-- Simply ask two questions.

Posted by Joe McKeown on 3/29/16 1:48 PM

Every Attendee loves a survey--Not.

Every event marketing professional knows post-event attendee surveys are an important element of the event planning process.  But we all also are aware that very few attendees actually fill out the survey forms. Response rates of 1-2% are the norm for paper forms and not much better for emails. That just doesn't cut it for an event survey.

At the end of the event process, many organizers (and the company CEO, CMO and CFO) are left wondering if all the hard work and cost was worth it. The question of whether or not the event was a success is critically important to event organizers and to those other stakeholders, yet measuring success has historically been challenging for many planners. It's particularly important for those events we want attendees to attend again that we have a sense of the attendee's overall satisfaction with the event.  

 So, what is a good way to get the information you need to determine if the event was  a success?  

At Message Blocks, after operating thousands of events,  large and small, we feel the most viable solution is a simple two question survey tied directly to the mobile agenda in the Message Blocks App:  On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend your event/session/exhibit to a friend or colleague? And Why?


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New updates with Stripe Connect

Posted by August Schippert on 2/4/16 10:31 AM

What’s going on?

Using stripe with MB will improve your events expedite your cash flow, only takes 5 mins to set up.


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New Years Resolutions for Event Professionals.

Posted by Joe McKeown on 1/15/16 5:08 PM

Event Professionals:  Now that college football is nearly done (we’re in Big Ten Country, so congrats to Michigan, OSU and Wisconsin and condolences to MSU, Northwestern and Iowa)  it’s New Year’s resolution time.  Many of you are in full planning mode for your Q1 launch meetings, annual incentive payoffs, conferences and trade shows (we're full bore on CES and launching a new product line here at Message Blocks right now)  but It's probably a good idea to take a few minutes to make some event resolutions for 2016.  


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An approach to Event Technology that really works using integrations.

Posted by Len Gauger on 1/15/16 5:03 PM

Event Technology is constantly upgrading and moving faster every minute. But sometimes it seems events  lag behind in use of these cutting edge technologies, but not for reasons you might expect. You might believe event professionals are unwilling try them. In fact, in our experience event professionals are actually always looking for new and better ways to do things. That’s why they got to be where they are as event professionals, because they know how to plan and adapt to things very effectively.


Winning Events With Surveys (Part 2)

Posted by Mark Shalinsky on 10/13/15 9:49 AM

The 4 Main Types of Event Survey Questions

In our last blog post, we established that surveying your attendees is a great way to increase event engagement. A survey or poll puts an attendee right smack dab in the middle of the process by empowering them with a voice. Also, depending on the type, scope, and goal of the survey puts them in the driver seat so at the next event they can stand up and say, “Yes I voted for more of THIS that we are seeing, and less of THAT that we are not experiencing”.


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Winning Events With Surveys (Part 1)

Posted by Mark Shalinsky on 10/7/15 8:34 AM


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